KDDEON Retro 低価格 Reed Curtain Bamboo Hand-Woven Roller Blinds KDDEON,rockwell.ae,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Blinds,Hand-Woven,Bamboo,Reed,Retro,28円,/privacy/,Bamboo,Curtain,Roller 28円 KDDEON Retro Reed Curtain Bamboo Roller Blinds,Hand-Woven Bamboo Home Kitchen Home Décor Products KDDEON Retro 低価格 Reed Curtain Bamboo Hand-Woven Roller Blinds 28円 KDDEON Retro Reed Curtain Bamboo Roller Blinds,Hand-Woven Bamboo Home Kitchen Home Décor Products KDDEON,rockwell.ae,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Blinds,Hand-Woven,Bamboo,Reed,Retro,28円,/privacy/,Bamboo,Curtain,Roller

KDDEON Retro 低価格 Reed Curtain Bamboo ラッピング無料 Hand-Woven Roller Blinds

KDDEON Retro Reed Curtain Bamboo Roller Blinds,Hand-Woven Bamboo


KDDEON Retro Reed Curtain Bamboo Roller Blinds,Hand-Woven Bamboo

Product description


* Natural reed curtain, green, healthy and environmentally friendly, retro and elegant, exquisite appearance, has the effect of purifying air, regulating temperature and humidity, energy saving, thermal insulation, giving you different experiences throughout the year.

* You can freely adjust the intake of sunlight and wind in the room. Put away in harsh environment, easy to roll up when not in use.

Product name: Reed Curtain
Color: primary color white line
Working principle: pull rope
Size: width x height (customizable)
Installation method: interior, exterior, top, side
Cleaning method: Wipe clean with a wet and dry cloth
Applicable scenarios: background walls, curtains, curtains, ceilings, partitions, etc.

Package includes: 1x reed curtain + complete accessories

Measurement methods:
1. External installation: Curtain width = window width + 10cm, curtain height = window height + 10cm
2. Internal installation: Curtain width = window width-1cm, curtain height = window height

All products are measured manually. Due to the shooting angle, light and display, there will inevitably be slight color differences and errors. Please refer to the actual product.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. I sincerely wish you a happy shopping!

KDDEON Retro Reed Curtain Bamboo Roller Blinds,Hand-Woven Bamboo

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