kwmobile USB Charging Cable Compatible with 2+ 2SE Ti 激安通販専門店 Pebble 36円 kwmobile USB Charging Cable Compatible with Pebble 2SE / 2+ / Ti Electronics Wearable Technology 2+,Charging,,Pebble,Cable,USB,kwmobile,2SE,with,/lagna1160069.html,Electronics , Wearable Technology,/,Compatible,Ti,/,36円 kwmobile USB Charging Cable Compatible with 2+ 2SE Ti 激安通販専門店 Pebble 2+,Charging,,Pebble,Cable,USB,kwmobile,2SE,with,/lagna1160069.html,Electronics , Wearable Technology,/,Compatible,Ti,/,36円 36円 kwmobile USB Charging Cable Compatible with Pebble 2SE / 2+ / Ti Electronics Wearable Technology

kwmobile USB Charging Cable Compatible with 2+ 未使用 2SE Ti 激安通販専門店 Pebble

kwmobile USB Charging Cable Compatible with Pebble 2SE / 2+ / Ti


kwmobile USB Charging Cable Compatible with Pebble 2SE / 2+ / Ti

Product description

kwmobile stands for modern, practical and affordable gadgets for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. We offer the perfect accessories for a variety of manufacturers' brands and models.

        • COMPATIBLE WITH: Pebble 2SE / 2 Plus / Time / Time Steel / Time Round. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH: Pebble 1 / Steel (no loading function)
        • PRACTICAL: Take this fitness tracker charger with you everywhere. Whether at home, in the office, in the car or on the road, your activity tracker stays fully charged.
        • LENGTH: Cable measures 96 cm, making it long enough to prevent it from getting tangled or knotted
        • FAST SPEED: Cable charges your sports wristband at lightning speed so that you can use your fitness tracker when jogging, running, cycling and more
        • AS SPARE: Use the charging cable as a replacement or as a spare cable
        Scope of Delivery
          • 1x USB Charging Cable Compatible with Pebble 2SE / 2+ / Time / Time Steel / Time Round

          kwmobile USB Charging Cable Compatible with Pebble 2SE / 2+ / Ti

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