Maxi,Plus,A-Line,,42円,Solid,Supersize,Slinky,Size,Long,Sleeve,/kotal748659.html,Dr,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Navy Solid Navy Slinky Plus Size 未使用品 Supersize Dr Long A-Line Maxi Sleeve Solid Navy Slinky Plus Size 未使用品 Supersize Dr Long A-Line Maxi Sleeve Maxi,Plus,A-Line,,42円,Solid,Supersize,Slinky,Size,Long,Sleeve,/kotal748659.html,Dr,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Navy 42円 Solid Navy Slinky Plus Size Supersize Long Sleeve A-Line Maxi Dr Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 42円 Solid Navy Slinky Plus Size Supersize Long Sleeve A-Line Maxi Dr Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Solid Navy Slinky Plus Size 未使用品 Supersize Dr Long A-Line Maxi 内祝い Sleeve

Solid Navy Slinky Plus Size Supersize Long Sleeve A-Line Maxi Dr


Solid Navy Slinky Plus Size Supersize Long Sleeve A-Line Maxi Dr

Product description

SANCTUARIE DESIGNS BRAND RUNS VERY BIG!! Our clothing line is made for real women! To ensure a proper fit, please take your measurements with any standard tape measure in inches amp; compare them to the size chart displayed by the main Image. Measure around the largest part of your chest and hips. Length measurements are taken from the top of the shoulder down. The fabric is a lightweight polyester lycra blend. It is wonderful and a breeze to take care of! Throw it in the washer, dryer, and then straight into a drawer or suitcase. Take it out days or weeks later, and it’s ready to wear! Please note that this material is very stretchy. Available in Petite, Standard and Tall Lengths in roomy sizes LG XL 0x 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x and 9x. All measurements are always taken unstretched. ---- Approximate Measurements: LG: Chest=37" - Hips=50" | XL: Chest=43" - Hips=56" | 0x: Chest=48" - Hips=58" | 1x: Chest=52" - Hips=62" | 2x: Chest=56" - Hips=66" | 3x: Chest=60" - Hips=70" | 4x: Chest=64" - Hips=74" | 5x: Chest=68" - Hips=78" | 6x: Chest=72" - Hips=82" | 7x: Chest=76" - Hips=86" | 8x: Chest=80" - Hips=89" | 9x: Chest=84" - Hips=92". Remember, our clothing line is made for real women! The sizes run VERY big and are extra roomy! Please check the measurements before purchasing.

Solid Navy Slinky Plus Size Supersize Long Sleeve A-Line Maxi Dr


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