Globalwoods Knife Mounting Brass Hardware 2020 新作 Set Corby Rivets of 12 Set,Knife,Globalwoods,of,Brass,Hardware,12,26円,Corby,/isophylly1191909.html,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,,Rivets,Mounting Globalwoods Knife Mounting Brass Hardware 2020 新作 Set Corby Rivets of 12 26円 Globalwoods Knife Mounting Brass Hardware Set of 12 Corby Rivets Tools Home Improvement Safety Security 26円 Globalwoods Knife Mounting Brass Hardware Set of 12 Corby Rivets Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Set,Knife,Globalwoods,of,Brass,Hardware,12,26円,Corby,/isophylly1191909.html,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,,Rivets,Mounting

Globalwoods Knife Mounting Brass セール商品 Hardware 2020 新作 Set Corby Rivets of 12

Globalwoods Knife Mounting Brass Hardware Set of 12 Corby Rivets


Globalwoods Knife Mounting Brass Hardware Set of 12 Corby Rivets

Product description

Knife Making Supplies Kit For your knife making projects, a set of 12 corby solid brass rivets and four Lanyard brass tubes. Measurements: Nut diameter: 8mm(5/16") brass. Overall length: 1" Lanyard diameter: 8mm(5/16") brass. Lanyard length: 1.5" Thread diameter: 4mm, Lanyard length: 1.5" Quantity: in a pouch, you will receive 12 Corby rivets and 4 lanyard tubes. All solid brass material. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Globalwoods Knife Mounting Brass Hardware Set of 12 Corby Rivets

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