/exopathic1076577.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Computer,Shelves,,with,Storage,rockwell.ae,Open,Sunon,Desk,Adjustable,49円,Home,O Sunon Computer Desk with Adjustable 買い物 Home Open Shelves Storage O Sunon Computer Desk with Adjustable 買い物 Home Open Shelves Storage O 49円 Sunon Computer Desk with Adjustable Open Storage Shelves, Home O Home Kitchen Furniture /exopathic1076577.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Computer,Shelves,,with,Storage,rockwell.ae,Open,Sunon,Desk,Adjustable,49円,Home,O 49円 Sunon Computer Desk with Adjustable Open Storage Shelves, Home O Home Kitchen Furniture

Sunon Computer Desk with Adjustable 買い物 Home Open Shelves Storage 正規品 O

Sunon Computer Desk with Adjustable Open Storage Shelves, Home O


Sunon Computer Desk with Adjustable Open Storage Shelves, Home O

Product description


This curved design computer desk is the perfect furniture to fit your home and office. With its large desktop, to provide plenty of space for office/home appliances. File storage shelves design creates a large activity and storage space under the desk.
This multi-function desk shell can be used as office workstation, writing desk, computer desk, study desk, gaming desk etc. Personalize your home/office with this minimalist designed desk!


Material: Particle board and melamine surface
Color: Black,Grey or White
Product Size: L47.2" x W23.6" x H29.5"
Flat pack: Assembly Required

Sunon Computer Desk with Adjustable Open Storage Shelves, Home O

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