3.5-18HP,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Boat,rockwell.ae,Outboard,HANGKAI,Motors,343円,/baldricked1076834.html,2-4Stroke HANGKAI 3.5-18HP 2-4Stroke Outboard Motors 信用 Boat HANGKAI 3.5-18HP 2-4Stroke Outboard Motors 信用 Boat 343円 HANGKAI 3.5-18HP 2-4Stroke Outboard Boat Motors Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 343円 HANGKAI 3.5-18HP 2-4Stroke Outboard Boat Motors Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 3.5-18HP,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Boat,rockwell.ae,Outboard,HANGKAI,Motors,343円,/baldricked1076834.html,2-4Stroke

HANGKAI 3.5-18HP 2-4Stroke Outboard Motors 信用 Boat 初回限定

HANGKAI 3.5-18HP 2-4Stroke Outboard Boat Motors


HANGKAI 3.5-18HP 2-4Stroke Outboard Boat Motors

Product description

Overall length:92CM
Overall widteh:36.5cm
Overall height:22cm
Transom height:42cm
Full throttle perating range:4000-5000r/min
Maximum output:2.5kw(3.5HP)
Ignition system:CDI system
Starting system:Manual start
Staring carburetion system:Choke start
Propeller mark:7-1/45-A(inch)
The engine and the propeller ratio:2:1
Recommended fuel:Regular unleaded gasoline
Fuel to oil ratio: 35:1 (Please be suject to this version, and disregard the manual about this point)
Gear ratio: 27/13
Maximum speed: 10 km / h
Built-in fuel tank: 1.3L
Fuel consumption per hour: 1.5L
1.About the noise: all the gasoline machines are noisy, currently we did not test the decibel , but the noise is the same as the motorcycle, so it is a normal phenomenon
2.The machine itself is lightweight, it can use on boat weight of 100kg or less , load-bearing 4 people, but the speed is certainly not the same when one person on it or 4 people on it . Customer who has high expectations on speed, please be noticed
3.It can be marched with inflatable boats, rubber boats or fishing boats
4.Necessary: you have to prepare a boat-motor stand or Hanging board on your boat
:Please add gear oil to the gears before use the motor and replace gear oil after the run-in period(10 hours).(if you do not know how to handle this,please contact us) .our outboard motor doesn't with oil of gear,please prepair it by yourself .Keep in mind that you must add oil on the gear beofore use !!!
About certification:
We can only provide CE certification, there is no other certification can be provided,thanks for your understanding.
There are two pull starter included in the parcel(one is the machine, another one for spare)
we don't supply wearing parts (pull starter)for free

HANGKAI 3.5-18HP 2-4Stroke Outboard Boat Motors

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