212CC Torque Converter 6.5 HP ご予約品 3 4" Bike Kart Clutc Comet Go Mini 212CC,/Ithiel1192048.html,Clutc,50円,rockwell.ae,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Mini,3/4",Kart,Bike,6.5,HP,Go,Torque,Comet,Converter 212CC,/Ithiel1192048.html,Clutc,50円,rockwell.ae,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Mini,3/4",Kart,Bike,6.5,HP,Go,Torque,Comet,Converter 212CC Torque Converter 6.5 HP ご予約品 3 4" Bike Kart Clutc Comet Go Mini 50円 212CC Torque Converter 6.5 HP 3/4" Go Kart Mini Bike Comet Clutc Automotive Replacement Parts 50円 212CC Torque Converter 6.5 HP 3/4" Go Kart Mini Bike Comet Clutc Automotive Replacement Parts

212CC Torque 気質アップ Converter 6.5 HP ご予約品 3 4

212CC Torque Converter 6.5 HP 3/4" Go Kart Mini Bike Comet Clutc


212CC Torque Converter 6.5 HP 3/4" Go Kart Mini Bike Comet Clutc

Product Description

WARNINGS: Torque converter drive pulley must be bolted tightly to the engine crankshaft. Recommended engine power max to 8hp.


Step #1: Componets in kit are layed out in front of machine.

Step #2: Remove old clutch kits

Step #3: Bolt bracket to the four standard tapped holes in the engine crankcase using four M8*25 screws. Bracket may be rotated up or dow if necessary.

Step #4: Break chain at proper length to go around sprocket on T.A.V. and final drive sprocket. Join chain by the master link. Move the engine forward or backward for correct tension.

Step #5: Place the spacer (provided with kit) on the crankshaft, to bring the driver clutch in line with the driven unit.

Step #6: Separate driver, place flat sided sheave on crankshaft. Slip belt over driven unit and over post of driver unit. Install 4 splined hub "D" outboard. (IMPORTANT: Be sure bronze idler bushing is in place on TAV 30-75. TAV 30-100 does not require bronze idler bushing.)

Step #7: Place other half of drive on crankshaft. Line up outer cover on the "D" part of the hub, and install retaining bolt and washer.

PS: If you find that the bolts installed are incorrect (metric), please contact me by email and I will reissue the correct inch bolts from the Amazon warehouse!!


212CC Torque Converter 6.5 HP 3/4" Go Kart Mini Bike Comet Clutc

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