Jukkre Sun Lounger お買い得品 Folding Camping Chair Portable Recliner 62円,Chair,Jukkre,Recliner,Folding,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Camping,/pedanticalness1391800.html,Chair,Portable,Lounger,rockwell.ae,Sun 62円 Jukkre Sun Lounger Folding Chair Recliner Portable Camping Chair Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation 62円 Jukkre Sun Lounger Folding Chair Recliner Portable Camping Chair Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation 62円,Chair,Jukkre,Recliner,Folding,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Camping,/pedanticalness1391800.html,Chair,Portable,Lounger,rockwell.ae,Sun Jukkre Sun Lounger お買い得品 Folding Camping Chair Portable Recliner

Jukkre 70%OFFアウトレット Sun Lounger お買い得品 Folding Camping Chair Portable Recliner

Jukkre Sun Lounger Folding Chair Recliner Portable Camping Chair


Jukkre Sun Lounger Folding Chair Recliner Portable Camping Chair

Product description

Product description

Choose folding beach chair, make your life easier.
The stable X-shaped structure is enough to bear the weight of 120 kg.
Beach chair with sunshade can better protect your skin from sunburn.
Camping chair with carrying bag is more convenient for you to carry out.

No installation required
Sunshade brings you more cool
Foldable design for storage and space saving
Equipped carrying bag for convenient to carry out
Antiskid foot pads ensure the stability of beach chair
Cup holder design allows you to replenish water in time
Perfect for fishing, camping, vacation and other outdoor activities

Net Weight: About 5kgs
Weight Capacity: 150kgs

Due to the different resolution settings of each monitor, the actual colors and pictures may have color differences, please understand this;
Try to avoid violently smashing the folding chair to extend the life of the chair.

Jukkre Sun Lounger Folding Chair Recliner Portable Camping Chair

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