One Way Privacy Window Film Tint - 超定番 Blackout Non-Adhesive One Way Privacy Window Film Tint - 超定番 Blackout Non-Adhesive 30円 One Way Privacy Window Film - Blackout Window Tint, Non-Adhesive Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Way,Film,Non-Adhesive,-,Tint,,,Window,Blackout,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Window,30円,One,Privacy,/outman972892.html 30円 One Way Privacy Window Film - Blackout Window Tint, Non-Adhesive Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Way,Film,Non-Adhesive,-,Tint,,,Window,Blackout,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Window,30円,One,Privacy,/outman972892.html

One Way Privacy Window Film Tint - 市販 超定番 Blackout Non-Adhesive

One Way Privacy Window Film - Blackout Window Tint, Non-Adhesive


One Way Privacy Window Film - Blackout Window Tint, Non-Adhesive

From the brand

OMNANGO Window Film
window film install tools kit
Leader Brand in DIY (do it yourself) window films.

Our story

How we got our start?
OMNANGO brand has been focusing on the high quality Window Film,(such us One Way Mirror Privacy Film, Window Security Film ) industry for many years. We started as a small company and are now one of the leading manufacturer of Window film.
What makes our product unique?
Our Security Film can not only protect you and your family from glass damage, but also block UV rays and protect your furniture.
Why we love what we do?
We have taken "quality first, customer best" as a principle. Our product range is constantly growing to meet your needs.

Product Description

One way mirror window film


With our window tint film, you no longer need to worry about dazzling sunlight, strong ultraviolet rays, high temperatures in summer, cold in winter and privacy at home.

It can effectively prevent glare, prevent ultraviolet rays, heat insulation, heat preservation and daytime privacy protection.

This Multifunctional privacy film can be used as bathromm, living room, bedroom, waiting area, attic, enclosed porche, garage door window film.

Useful Installation Tips: Please make sure the glass, edges and corners are totally cleaned without any dust and tear off the protective film before paste it onto the glass. Static cling design make it easy to install and remove, and not hurt your window glass.


No Glue:This removable solar window film is made from PET,thickness of 0.05mm,Durable to last,no need glue when applying.

Easy to Use:Static cling film, applicable to any smooth or flat glass surface,like window,sliding door,balcony,protecting the glass from damage.

Privacy Protection:The self adhesive window film create you a privacy space that block the vision of external person,but you still can see outdoor.

UV blocking:The glass film blocks out the most of harmful uv rays to protect your skin from hurting and reduce furniture fading and aging.

Heat Control:Keep cool in summer and retain warm in winter, bring you a comfortable environment.

Safety protection:When your glass is broken by accident, this window tint film can prevent the shattered glass splashing to protect you and family.

Window film

One Way Privacy Window Film - Blackout Window Tint, Non-Adhesive

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