Non,Rubber,Home Kitchen , Bath,Futuregrace,,3,Bathroom,/milioline1068946.html,Mats,Rug,Slip,Piece,22円,I,with,Set 22円 Futuregrace 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Mats Set with Non Slip Rubber I Home Kitchen Bath Futuregrace ファッション通販 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Mats Slip with Non Set Rubber I 22円 Futuregrace 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Mats Set with Non Slip Rubber I Home Kitchen Bath Non,Rubber,Home Kitchen , Bath,Futuregrace,,3,Bathroom,/milioline1068946.html,Mats,Rug,Slip,Piece,22円,I,with,Set Futuregrace ファッション通販 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Mats Slip with Non Set Rubber I

Futuregrace ファッション通販 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Mats Slip with 値引き Non Set Rubber I

Futuregrace 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Mats Set with Non Slip Rubber I


Futuregrace 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Mats Set with Non Slip Rubber I

Product description


The 3-piece bathroom non-slip mat set is made of durable memory foam. It has a great touch.
They are a win-win between practicality and fashion. Each cushion is made with care,and the bottom surface has a durable non-slip rubber backing to prevent slippage. Also,the design is fashionable,and each cushion has a rich color pattern,make your bathroom more elegant and increase the overall beauty of the bathroom.
Strong water absorption,dry wet feet,keep the bathroom dry,the most important thing is to prevent you and your family,especially children from slipping and falling due to water stains.
Anti-slip carpets can be widely used,not only in the bathroom,but also in the entrance,bedroom,living room,dining room,etc.,to protect the cleanliness of the floor.
Because the 3-piece bathroom mat has a beautiful appearance and durable performance,you can give it as a gift to family and friends on Christmas,Thanksgiving,Anniversaries or other special days.

Bath Mat 18x30 inches
Lid Cover 14x18 inches
Contour Mat 15x18 inches
Bath Mat 20x31 inches
Lid Cover 16x18 inches
Contour Mat 16x20inches

Futuregrace 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Mats Set with Non Slip Rubber I

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