Marine Starting Battery Replaces 特売 SC34M Group 8006-006 34 Marine Starting Battery Replaces 特売 SC34M Group 8006-006 34 133円 Marine Starting Battery Replaces 8006-006 SC34M Group 34 Automotive Replacement Parts 34,SC34M,133円,Group,/marshlike1068812.html,Starting,Marine,Battery,Replaces,Automotive , Replacement Parts,8006-006, 133円 Marine Starting Battery Replaces 8006-006 SC34M Group 34 Automotive Replacement Parts 34,SC34M,133円,Group,/marshlike1068812.html,Starting,Marine,Battery,Replaces,Automotive , Replacement Parts,8006-006,

Marine Starting Battery Replaces 特売 SC34M Group 8006-006 34 超安い

Marine Starting Battery Replaces 8006-006 SC34M Group 34


Marine Starting Battery Replaces 8006-006 SC34M Group 34

Product Description

SC34DM 8016-103 D34M Blue Top Marine Deep Cycle Battery

Banshee Deep Cycle Marine Battery Group Size 34-12V 66Ah 750 CCA

Unleash the Banshee this year with the new Group 34M deep-cycle marine battery with dual terminals. Banshee batteries are designed to withstand rigorous deep charges as well as long slow recharges. The Banshee marine deep-cycle battery is a direct replacement for Optima D34M batteries and has excellent recharge capabilities for long lasting performance.Banshee marine batteries are produced and manufactured using only the most up to date materials. All Banshee group 34 batteries have a built in Hydrometer which easily tells the current state of your battery life. Our group 34 marine battery is rugged, powerful, resilient, and should be the only battery you rely on for cranking, igniting, and lighting.

The advantage of buying Banshee Marine Batteries is that they have more battery plates. More battery plates mean more plate surface area. That means that the Banshee battery has more power – twice as much as conventional batteries. Banshee batteries are capable of providing engine cranking As good as any other battery equally sized, even at very low temperatures. And they can handle 400 charge-discharge cycles to 80% depth of discharge. Enhanced Flooded Battery or increasingly referred to as EFB technology on the market can not be installed on its side or upside down. EFB batteries are an enhanced version of standard wet-flooded technology. The primary benefits of EFB technology are improved charge acceptance and greater cyclic durability when operating in a reduced state of charge (typical of Stop Start applications).

Voltage: 12

Amp Hours: 66

Cold Cranking Amps: 750

Group Size: BCI: 34

Reserve Capacity @25 Amps: 100

Dimensions: L - 10.2 x W - 6.9 x H - 7.9

Weight: 37lb

Key Benefits • Maintenance-free

SC31DM battery compared spiral technology

Banshee Batteries vs. spiral wound designs: 15% more plate surface area!

Banshee Marine Series batteries outperform every other brand of batteries on the market including spiralwound batteries, because their densely packed plates eliminate the “dead space” between cylinders in spiral designs.

Marine Starting Battery Replaces 8006-006 SC34M Group 34

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