SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Inner with 正規品スーパーSALE×店内全品キャンペーン Enclosure 8.2x8.2x8.2ft 447円 SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure(8.2x8.2x8.2ft) with Inner Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies,SAYOK,Inflatable,Booth,Enclosure(8.2x8.2x8.2ft),with,447円,Inner,Photo,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,/marshlike1027212.html 447円 SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure(8.2x8.2x8.2ft) with Inner Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies,SAYOK,Inflatable,Booth,Enclosure(8.2x8.2x8.2ft),with,447円,Inner,Photo,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,/marshlike1027212.html SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Inner with 正規品スーパーSALE×店内全品キャンペーン Enclosure 8.2x8.2x8.2ft

誕生日/お祝い SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Inner with 正規品スーパーSALE×店内全品キャンペーン Enclosure 8.2x8.2x8.2ft

SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure(8.2x8.2x8.2ft) with Inner


SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure(8.2x8.2x8.2ft) with Inner

Product Description


  • External Size: 98.43x98.43x98.43 inches
  • Inner size: 78.74x78.74x88.58 inches
  • Doors size: 39.37xH78.74 inches

Special Features

  • It comes with 2 pc colored LED strip lights over the top and bottom section and can be controlled separately.
  • Velcro door curtain on every door. It is more convenient to install and disassemble.

How to use

  • Step1: Open the package and take out inflatable photo booth and all the accessories.
  • Step2: Connect the led light controller and power adapter before you connect the power.
  • Step3: Spread out the booth.
  • Step4: When everything is ready, connect the power.
  • Step5: About 1 min, you will get a wonderful inflatable photo booth.


  • Pls keep the photo booth far away from anything sharp.
  • You'd better not use it when heavy raining and windy.
  • Pls do not use the corrosive detergent clear the tent.
  • Pls put the booth on ventilate place if it is wet.
  • Pls make sure the booth is dry before you ready to store.

Customer feedback photo

  • Photo booth tent is especially suitable for promotions, advertising, bar, mall, parties, trade shows, exhibitions, weddings, parties, photo booth, etc.
  • Enjoy SAYOK LED inflatable photo booth, start having fun with your family and friend!

Application 1

Application 2

Have fun

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SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure(8.2x8.2x8.2ft) with Inner

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Our Range

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Pura Guard

24hr protection against the growth of viruses from the coronavirus family.

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Crossbody Bags for Women - Real Leather Small Vintage Adjustable

Water Dispensers for the Hospitality Industry

Bottling Systems • Taps • Glass Bottles • Filtration

Pura is the hospitality division of Thirsty Work,
Providing the highest level of water solutions.

With options for front and back of house, chilled, boiling and
sparkling water, and a wide range of accessories and branded glass bottles.

We cater for all businesses in the hospitality industry.

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Why Choose Us?

A Wide Selection of Water Coolers & Dispensers

Thirsty Work offers a range of free-standing and countertop water coolers and water dispensers, suitable for all workplaces and designed to conveniently suit every space. We deliver across the whole of the South of England, providing a range of different water configurations, including unlimited hot, chilled, or ambient water, and optional sparkling water too. Our range of Pura filters have been developed to use our advanced filtration technology, providing your business with the highest quality of filtered water. Find the right water dispenser for you - take a look through our range, and contact us directly if you need help choosing the ideal water cooler, or hot water boiler for your workplace. Most of our products are available to try FREE for 10 days.

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