,Custom,Bottle,32円,Labels,/jargon918511.html,Water,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Wedd,Personalized,Adhesive,Waterproof 32円 Personalized Water Bottle Labels Adhesive Waterproof Custom Wedd Office Products Office School Supplies Personalized Water Bottle 商品追加値下げ在庫復活 Labels Custom Wedd Adhesive Waterproof 32円 Personalized Water Bottle Labels Adhesive Waterproof Custom Wedd Office Products Office School Supplies Personalized Water Bottle 商品追加値下げ在庫復活 Labels Custom Wedd Adhesive Waterproof,Custom,Bottle,32円,Labels,/jargon918511.html,Water,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Wedd,Personalized,Adhesive,Waterproof

Personalized Water Bottle 商品追加値下げ在庫復活 Labels Custom Wedd Adhesive 直営店 Waterproof

Personalized Water Bottle Labels Adhesive Waterproof Custom Wedd


Personalized Water Bottle Labels Adhesive Waterproof Custom Wedd

Product description

Size:70 Labels

These labels are 100% waterproof, so they absolutely will not fall apart or get runny when submerged in ice or water.


1. Most orders are shipped within 2- 3 days in time unless you need a rush job.
2. We offer 2 shipping options. Standard Postal Shipping Service / Express Shipping Service
3. Upgrade shipping options are available at checkout. Prices include cost of shipping and rush fee.

What Bottles Do Our Water Bottle Labels Fit?
When shopping for bottles please keep in mind that some bottle styles are different in various regions.
We recommend that you cut a piece of paper to the size of both of our labels and take them with you when shopping for bottles.
We have two sizes available 8.25" W x 2" H and 8" W x 2" H

There is a possibility that the label might slightly overlap or have some minor gap in the back, depending on the brand. So, BEFORE YOU PURCHASE LABELS please check the bottles in your area against our label sizes. We cannot guarantee any sizes will fit bottles in your area. It is your responsibility to measure before you order!!!

★ Colors appear different on many computer screens and may not be the exact color in person as you see on your screen.
★ All sample names and addresses used on the labels are fictitious
★ Please note: It is not legal to re-label bottled water for re-sale. These are intended to demonstrate how our labels can be used to re-label bottled water for non-commercial uses only.

Personalized Water Bottle Labels Adhesive Waterproof Custom Wedd

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