YAHEETECH Dining Chairs 舗 Side PU Waterproof Cushion with S 218円 YAHEETECH Dining Chairs Side PU Cushion Chairs with Waterproof S Home Kitchen Furniture Waterproof,Chairs,rockwell.ae,/jargon1027311.html,Dining,Chairs,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,Cushion,218円,Side,YAHEETECH,PU,S 218円 YAHEETECH Dining Chairs Side PU Cushion Chairs with Waterproof S Home Kitchen Furniture Waterproof,Chairs,rockwell.ae,/jargon1027311.html,Dining,Chairs,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,Cushion,218円,Side,YAHEETECH,PU,S YAHEETECH Dining Chairs 舗 Side PU Waterproof Cushion with S

YAHEETECH Dining Chairs 舗 Side お気に入 PU Waterproof Cushion with S

YAHEETECH Dining Chairs Side PU Cushion Chairs with Waterproof S


YAHEETECH Dining Chairs Side PU Cushion Chairs with Waterproof S

Product Description


4pcs Dining Room Chairs High Back Padded Kitchen Chairs For Home And Restaurants

Quick Overview:

Padded kitchen chair is made of high quality material, which ensures its long life span. The chairs are spill friendly due to their easy to clean PVC covers. The dining chair looks very fashionable, which can match any decor theme. The seat and back are padded with high-density foam for great comfortable feeling and the overall wooden frame gives you strong support.



  • Leather dining chair is perfectly suitable for dinner, meeting, hotel, restaurants, wedding banquet, celebration, and other ceremonial decorations.
  • Simple and fashionable chair adds a sense of elegance to your room, and the modern design is compatible seamlessly with any décor of occasion.




Yaheetech DSW Dining Chairs dsw pu pu brown Fabric Dining Chairs Yaheetech Fabric Dining Chairs
Yaheetech DSW Dining Chairs Yaheetech DSW Dining Chairs Dark Gray Yaheetech PU Leather Dining Chairs Black Yaheetech PU Leather Dining Chairs Brown Yaheetech Dining Chairs Dark Gray Yaheetech Fabric Dining Chairs
Color White Dark Gray Black Brown Dark Gray Beige
Material PP, PU, Beech Wood, Sponge PP, PU, Beech Wood, Sponge Plywood, PU, sponge, metal, and non-woven fabric Plywood, PU, sponge, metal, and non-woven fabric Oak, Cloth, Sponge, Spring amp; Non-woven fabrics Oak,Sponge, Spring amp; fabrics
Dimension 19.3 x 20.5 x 32.1 inch (L x W x H) 19.3 x 20.5 x 32.1 inch (L x W x H) 19 x 20.7 x 29.5 inch ( L x W x H) 19 x 20.7 x 29.5 inch ( L x W x H) 18x24.5x39 inch ( L x W x H) 18x24.5x39’’ (LxWxH)
Adjustable Height
Style DSW Dining Chairs DSW Dining Chairs PU Leather Dining Chairs PU Leather Dining Chairs Fabric Dining Chairs Fabric Dining Chairs
Quantity Set of 4 Set of 4 Set of 2 Set of 2 Set of 2 Set of 4

YAHEETECH Dining Chairs Side PU Cushion Chairs with Waterproof S

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