ArchFlexSystem Adult Upgrade Replacement 10 Low お求めやすく価格改定 Yellow Insole ArchFlexSystem Adult Upgrade Replacement 10 Low お求めやすく価格改定 Yellow Insole 29円 ArchFlexSystem Adult Upgrade Replacement Insole, Low Yellow, 10 Health Household Health Care 29円 ArchFlexSystem Adult Upgrade Replacement Insole, Low Yellow, 10 Health Household Health Care /hysterogeny857308.html,Replacement,Upgrade,Low,,Yellow,,Health Household , Health Care,10,Adult,ArchFlexSystem,29円,Insole, /hysterogeny857308.html,Replacement,Upgrade,Low,,Yellow,,Health Household , Health Care,10,Adult,ArchFlexSystem,29円,Insole,

ArchFlexSystem Adult Upgrade Replacement 10 Low ギフト お求めやすく価格改定 Yellow Insole

ArchFlexSystem Adult Upgrade Replacement Insole, Low Yellow, 10


ArchFlexSystem Adult Upgrade Replacement Insole, Low Yellow, 10

Product description

ArchFlexSystem footbeds strengthen the natural shock absorption and stability mechanisms of the foot by giving flexible support to the arch without locking their movement. Patented 5 part construction includes double ridge thermal plastic urethane heel cassette to provide trampoline effect at heelstike, supportive but flexible polyethylene body, firm full length ethylene vinyl acetate, perforated and channeled for air circulation, Poliyou foam layer for cushion and conformity as it takes the shape of your foot for semi-custom fit and low friction top layer lining.

ArchFlexSystem Adult Upgrade Replacement Insole, Low Yellow, 10

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