Spotlights,30円,Xking,LED,Shell),Recessed,,K0784,Dimmable,LED,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,/horripilate1027106.html,(White,U Spotlights,30円,Xking,LED,Shell),Recessed,,K0784,Dimmable,LED,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,/horripilate1027106.html,(White,U 30円 Xking K0784 (White Shell) Dimmable Recessed LED Spotlights LED U Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs 30円 Xking K0784 (White Shell) Dimmable Recessed LED Spotlights LED U Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Xking K0784 White Shell Dimmable Spotlights 年末年始大決算 U Recessed LED Xking K0784 White Shell Dimmable Spotlights 年末年始大決算 U Recessed LED

Xking お得セット K0784 White Shell Dimmable Spotlights 年末年始大決算 U Recessed LED

Xking K0784 (White Shell) Dimmable Recessed LED Spotlights LED U


Xking K0784 (White Shell) Dimmable Recessed LED Spotlights LED U

Product description

Color:Set of 6-warm White

Product Specifications:
Item color: White
Color temperature: warm light (3000k) / cool light (6000k)
Each light Power: 3W
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Beam angle: 45 °
LED life: gt;50,000hr
Material:Aluminum alloy+ PMMA optical lens
Each light weight:2.2 oz
Each light cord length: 2M / 6.56ft(If you need an extension cord, please search ASIN: B01HH1ZQK8)
Adapter Input voltage:100-240VAC to 12VDC
If you need 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Plug Extension cord,please search ASIN: B01N3YZ965

Lamp Dimensions:
Outside diameter:2.68in
Total height:0.5in
Cut hole:Φ2.2inch

Package Included:
-6 * LED Cabinet Light (Warm White)
-1 *RF wireless dimmer
-1 *power adapter
-1 *1 to 6 Junction box

Xking guarantee:
If you have questions, please contact us. We guarantee 24 hours friendly customer service,
expect your support and your positive affirmation. Everything for You Convenience.

This LED puck lights is suitable for most 12VDC dimmers, sensors ..
(Please search the following number on Amazon)
Touch Dimmer: B01907RVP0
Inline PWM Dimmer: B018ZIQ0ES
Motion Sensor Switch: B072NHPXHJ
Inline Dimmer Switch: B01FZMQV50
For more, search for "Xking" or contact the Xking service.

Xking K0784 (White Shell) Dimmable Recessed LED Spotlights LED U

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