We’re all about bright futures

Our response to Covid-19

Find all the information you need on how we’re supporting our students, staff and the local community during the pandemic.

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Welcome to Sussex!

Congratulations to everyone who has got a place at Sussex! We can't wait to meet you.

You’ll find out lots of information in our Welcome hub that will help you prepare for life at Sussex.

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Chat to Sussex students online via the UniBuddy chat platform.
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“It’s great studying in Brighton - I fell in love with the city at first sight.”

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“Sussex allows you to bend the rules and push the boundaries”
Professor Winfried Hensinger,
Quantum Technology

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Our vision

Learn to transform

ensuring that studying at Sussex is a life-changing experience for every student

Research with impact

building an international reputation for research that makes a difference to people's lives

Engage for change

forming partnerships and making connections, in pursuit of progressive goals