Billy Reid Men's Standard Fit Button Selvedge Pocket Down 《週末限定タイムセール》 Shirt Standard,Selvedge,Shirt,70円,Fit,/earthbred1391951.html,Men's,Pocket,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Billy,,Reid,Button,Down Billy Reid Men's Standard Fit Button Selvedge Pocket Down 《週末限定タイムセール》 Shirt 70円 Billy Reid Men's Standard Fit Selvedge Pocket Button Down Shirt Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Standard,Selvedge,Shirt,70円,Fit,/earthbred1391951.html,Men's,Pocket,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Billy,,Reid,Button,Down 70円 Billy Reid Men's Standard Fit Selvedge Pocket Button Down Shirt Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

超激得SALE Billy Reid Men's Standard Fit Button Selvedge Pocket Down 《週末限定タイムセール》 Shirt

Billy Reid Men's Standard Fit Selvedge Pocket Button Down Shirt


Billy Reid Men's Standard Fit Selvedge Pocket Button Down Shirt

Product description

Billy Reid tuscumbia shirt, a standard fit button down shirt. Featuring natural buttons and patch chest pocket. Uneven vented hem and button down collar. Signature Billy Reid heirloom ribbon at collar.

From the manufacturer

tuscumbia Denim Brass Snap john button down john button down selvedge button down
Tuscumbia Button Down Denim Brass Snap Button Down John Button Down Shirt Taylor Button Down Selvedge Pocket Button Down
Fabric 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 99% Cotton Melange, 1% Lycra 95% Cotton, 5% Cashmere 88% Cotton, 6% Linen, 6% Ramie.
Trim Mother of pearl buttons. Button down collar. Signature Billy Reid heirloom ribbon branding. Antique brass snaps. Single barrel cuffs. Double bellow breast pockets. Mother of pearl buttons. Spread collar. Signature Billy Reid heirloom ribbon branding. Mother of pearl buttons. Button down collar. Signature Billy Reid heirloom ribbon branding. Mother of pearl buttons. Hidden button down collar. Front chest pocket with red selvedge detail.
Size Notes Standard Fit Slim Fit Standard Fit Slim Fit Standard Fit
Style Notes Super soft and lightweight, this particular Tuscumbia shirt features contrast stitch details along the placket, collar, and pocket. Billy Reid's signature denim shirt with an antique brass snap front comes in a variety of washes from dry to bleached. A classic standard fit button down shirt with spread collar. A slim fit button down shirt, the Taylor has the added detailing of a reinforced forearm patch from elbow to cuff. The linen and cotton blend give this shirt a soft, worn in feel. Selvedge details at the chest pocket, and the interior cuff and placket.
BR Portrait

I’m Billy Reid, and for more than 20 years I have been making clothes from my headquarters in Florence, Alabama. I design things I want to wear, and that fit into my life. I am a traditionalist at heart. I start with classic American clothing, and take it in a modern direction. I think through every button, every thread, every stitch. My clothes are made with integrity so you look and feel your best, no matter when and where you wear it. My name is on everything we make, and I take pride in that.

Billy Reid Men's Standard Fit Selvedge Pocket Button Down Shirt

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