Goujxcy Retro Elegant Storage Cabinet wih and Dra Doors 5☆大好評 Big Wood Goujxcy Retro Elegant Storage Cabinet wih and Dra Doors 5☆大好評 Big Wood 161円 Goujxcy Retro Elegant Storage Cabinet wih Doors and Big Wood Dra Home Kitchen Furniture Dra,Home Kitchen , Furniture,and,Goujxcy,Big,Retro,Doors,Storage,Elegant,wih,161円,Cabinet,rockwell.ae,Wood,/drainboard1027245.html Dra,Home Kitchen , Furniture,and,Goujxcy,Big,Retro,Doors,Storage,Elegant,wih,161円,Cabinet,rockwell.ae,Wood,/drainboard1027245.html 161円 Goujxcy Retro Elegant Storage Cabinet wih Doors and Big Wood Dra Home Kitchen Furniture

Goujxcy Retro Elegant Storage 公式ショップ Cabinet wih and Dra Doors 5☆大好評 Big Wood

Goujxcy Retro Elegant Storage Cabinet wih Doors and Big Wood Dra


Goujxcy Retro Elegant Storage Cabinet wih Doors and Big Wood Dra

Product description

Color:Type 2 Espresso

1. French country charm combines teams up with must-have storage space to create this accent cabinet. It's a must-have for filling out an empty space in any space, from your dining room to your living room.
2. This cabinet features molded details for classic appeal. Made from pine wood frame, it's finished in a solid hue with antiqued details, and showcases two glass cabinet doors fronted by a cutout motif for visual interest.
3. Large drawer and cabinet offer plenty of space to tuck away extra serveware, trinkets, and more, making your space dust free.
4. Featuring a pinewood body, beautifully cutout motif, and aluminum alloy drawer pulls, this piece is exquisite, stable, and strong.  This exquisite cabinet with rubber pads at the bottom is suitable for any space.
5. Overall dimensions: 29“L x 14.7”W x 29.5”H.  Weight capacity:400LBS. This versatile and stylish piece is designed to provide customers with a hassle-free setup experience. No assembly required, anyone can begin enjoying this elegant and understated table. Specification:
1. Overall Dimension:29“L x 14.7”W x 29.5”H
2. Package Dimension:32“L x 32”W x 17”H
3. Overall Weight:37.8LBS
4. Tabletop: 111LBS Drawer: 56LBS
5. Pine wood frame + MDF panels
6.Thickness: Top shelf:15mm
7. Finish:Distressed finish

Goujxcy Retro Elegant Storage Cabinet wih Doors and Big Wood Dra


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