/dissective918376.html,rockwell.ae,Pull,Safety,Tight,Plastic,Tamp,Office Products , Office School Supplies,98円,White,Numbered,Security,Tags,Seal 98円 White Plastic Security Seal Pull Tight Numbered Safety Tags Tamp Office Products Office School Supplies /dissective918376.html,rockwell.ae,Pull,Safety,Tight,Plastic,Tamp,Office Products , Office School Supplies,98円,White,Numbered,Security,Tags,Seal White Plastic Security Seal Pull Tamp Tight 新作製品、世界最高品質人気! Tags Safety Numbered White Plastic Security Seal Pull Tamp Tight 新作製品、世界最高品質人気! Tags Safety Numbered 98円 White Plastic Security Seal Pull Tight Numbered Safety Tags Tamp Office Products Office School Supplies

White Plastic Security Seal Pull Tamp 実物 Tight 新作製品 世界最高品質人気 Tags Safety Numbered

White Plastic Security Seal Pull Tight Numbered Safety Tags Tamp


White Plastic Security Seal Pull Tight Numbered Safety Tags Tamp

Product description

Size:1000 PCS

The pull tight security tamper seals:

Best selling point: The design of the side tearing off style, make it easy to be removed the seal easily by hand, no need other tools, very convenient.

Wide application:

1. Popular used on luggage, shoes, clothes, bags for shops. Exchange proof if not removed or tamper evident that no one has used them.

2. Widely applied on the storage or warehouse or inventory unattended, such as suitcases, storage boxes, sacks, courier services, vote boxes, catering/food carts which restrict unauthorized access.

3. Secure the doors of trucks, trailer, cargo containers, vans that require tamper evident seals during loading or offloading.

4. Perfect product for garden forestry and agricultural area. The unique laser printed number with each seal is just like a ID number, a sign, or a remark for tracking which will never fade when locked tightly on the trees or plant.

5. Excellent choice for the emergency exit and first aid kits.

Why tamper proof:

Each seals is a single-use lock which is without any key. It can not be open once locked and cannot be used again once removed. The locking length can be chosen by pulling up while it cannot revert back. In addition, each seal is unique laser numbered for securing ID tracking.

Material: High Density Polypropylene.

White Plastic Security Seal Pull Tight Numbered Safety Tags Tamp

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