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Pretexte SAS Set and Match 着後レビューで 送料無料 限定モデル

Pretexte SAS Set and Match


Pretexte SAS Set and Match

Product description

The excellent tabletop Tennis game, Set and Match. Simple yet hugely entertaining, the game successfully transports the sport to tabletop format, maintaining the intensity of a long drawn out rally and the satisfaction of pulling off a cross court return winner. Play on clay with the standard version or try your game on grass with the Maxi Wimbledon theme edition exclusive to Masters Traditional Games.

A highly engaging and thoroughly enjoyable table-top tennis game, Set and Match captures the thrill of a Centre Court (or Court Philippe Chatrier) showdown with the flick of a disc. It's a wonderfully simple premize that's executed perfectly.

Players (2 or 4 as singles or doubles) take turns flicking the tennis ball colored wooden disc back and forth across the clay colored board / court. The court features the usual tennis markings but with the addition of numbered scoring zones, ranging from 0 to 3. Build up your in-point advantage by hitting these scoring zones, winning the overall point by amassing 3 points without reply. Add to this the usual 'net' and 'out' hazards, and cross court bonus points, and you get a tension filled battle to rival any Federer - Nadal 5 set tie breaker.

With games times averaging around 20 minutes, Set and Match has near universal appeal. It's also light and portable and can be played anywhere. Tennis anyone?

Contains small parts. Unsuitable for children under 36 months.

Approx. dimensions: Board: 19.7x13.8 inch

Product Ref.: 006H16

Pretexte SAS Set and Match

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