100 Pieces Mylar Ziplock Bags 超特価SALE開催 Aluminu Up Stand Pouch Zipper rockwell.ae,Aluminu,Bags,Up,100,/cercal816027.html,Zipper,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Ziplock,Mylar,Bags,Stand,Pieces,25円,Pouch 25円 100 Pieces Mylar Ziplock Bags Stand Up Zipper Pouch Bags Aluminu Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 100 Pieces Mylar Ziplock Bags 超特価SALE開催 Aluminu Up Stand Pouch Zipper rockwell.ae,Aluminu,Bags,Up,100,/cercal816027.html,Zipper,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Ziplock,Mylar,Bags,Stand,Pieces,25円,Pouch 25円 100 Pieces Mylar Ziplock Bags Stand Up Zipper Pouch Bags Aluminu Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

100 Pieces Mylar Ziplock Bags 超特価SALE開催 Aluminu 高価値 Up Stand Pouch Zipper

100 Pieces Mylar Ziplock Bags Stand Up Zipper Pouch Bags Aluminu


100 Pieces Mylar Ziplock Bags Stand Up Zipper Pouch Bags Aluminu

Product description

Size:Double Sided Gold Grid Pattern 16x24cm (6.2x9.4")

1. Our pack bags meet the national standards food-grade packaging, for kitchens, offices, food stores.2. For snacks. Sealing is good, not easily broken bag, high mechanical performance is strong.3. Appearance is perfect.4. Material: Aluminum Mylar amp; Foil 5. stand up, re-sealable, vacuum sealable, heat sealable, smell proof, ziplock bags, drink pouches, tear notches, can be used over and over again.6. Perfect for food, coffee, nuts, sugar, tea, wine, powder, organics, pharma, electronics long term storage.7. The zip lock bag is easy closed and recycling, can be made tamper proof with a heat sealer.8. double golden grid pattern bags with frost window, matte window.

100 Pieces Mylar Ziplock Bags Stand Up Zipper Pouch Bags Aluminu


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