Gay Pride Flag - Mississippi Map ギフト Rainbow Pullover Stripes Hood Rainbow,/buggy857422.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Novelty More,-,Flag,Mississippi,Pullover,Hood,Stripes,Map,,Pride,Gay,24円,- Rainbow,/buggy857422.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Novelty More,-,Flag,Mississippi,Pullover,Hood,Stripes,Map,,Pride,Gay,24円,- 24円 Gay Pride Flag - Mississippi Map - Rainbow Stripes Pullover Hood Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Novelty More 24円 Gay Pride Flag - Mississippi Map - Rainbow Stripes Pullover Hood Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Novelty More Gay Pride Flag - Mississippi Map ギフト Rainbow Pullover Stripes Hood

Gay Pride Flag - Mississippi Map ギフト Rainbow 贈与 Pullover Stripes Hood

Gay Pride Flag - Mississippi Map - Rainbow Stripes Pullover Hood


Gay Pride Flag - Mississippi Map - Rainbow Stripes Pullover Hood

Product description

Design features a map of the state of Mississippi with the gay pride flag rainbow stripes as the background, with a white outline. The design is distressed for retro style. Perfect outfit for marching in gay pride parades or for an ally to show support for their family and friends who aren't straight. Get this as a coming out gift for your kid who is gay AF This Gay Pride Flag - Mississippi Map - Rainbow Stripes apparel is designed by Mississippi Gay Pride.

Gay Pride Flag - Mississippi Map - Rainbow Stripes Pullover Hood


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Preparations begin for next Turkish unit

Published: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 15:50:19 GMT

Preparations have begun for the construction of the fourth unit at Turkey's Akkuyu nuclear power plant, Akkuyu Nuclear has confirmed, with excavations for the reactor building, turbine hall, auxiliary reactor building and other main facilities now under way. Separately, Netherlands-based geotechnical survey company Fugro has completed a complex 6-month offshore site characterisation project on the Sinop peninsula - a prospective site for a second nuclear power plant - on behalf of Turkish utility EUAS International ICC.

US Senate passes infrastructure bill

Published: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 14:48:26 GMT

A bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by the US Senate this week includes, amongst other things, provisions for investment in advanced nuclear reactor demonstration projects. The bill would also include investment in research hubs for next generation technologies such as carbon capture and clean hydrogen.

China begins nuclear treatment for contaminated water

Published: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 11:30:41 GMT

Electron beam technology is being used to treat medical wastewater in China for the first time. It is safer and cleaner than traditional methods as well as more effective at removing organic molecules such as viruses and antibiotics, the International Atomic Energy Agency said.

Regulators complete first licensing cooperation

Published: Thu, 12 Aug 2021 16:23:46 GMT

Nuclear safety regulators in Canada and the US have completed their first collaborative project on licensing of SMRs. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission have issued a joint report to provide feedback to X-energy on the manufacturing codes it proposes to use in both countries for the reactor pressure vessel of its Xe-100 design.

Australian researchers step into new nuclear technologies

Published: Thu, 12 Aug 2021 15:38:00 GMT

The governments of Australia and the UK have signed a letter of intent to establish a partnership on low emissions solutions including clean hydrogen and small modular reactors. Meanwhile, the Australian Research Council  has awarded funding to a newly launched project to develop fuel for hydrogen-boron fusion which its participants say has the potential to re-establish Australia as a leader in fusion research and clean energy technology.

Cinema opens at the Dukovany plant

Published: Thu, 12 Aug 2021 15:59:02 GMT

The Dukovany nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic has opened its annual drive-in cinema in the shadow of the plant's cooling towers. Every Saturday through the month of August, moviegoers will enjoy local films with their entry fee going to charity.

Policies must allow nuclear to play its vital role, says UNECE

Published: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 15:24:56 GMT

Nuclear power can be part of a broader portfolio alongside deploying other sustainable low- or zero-carbon technologies to decarbonise the global energy system and energy intensive industries, according to a new technology brief from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The publication highlights nuclear power as an important source of low-carbon energy that can contribute to attaining carbon neutrality and for policy-makers who wish to meet climate and sustainable development objectives using nuclear power should provide positive, long-term policy signals for new nuclear development.

Defuelling completed at Leningrad 1

Published: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 12:48:29 GMT

Decommissioning of the RBMK reactor at Leningrad 1 has reached a milestone with the removal of all fuel from the reactor core. Rosenergoatom plans to use some of the fuel in the two RBMK reactors which remain in operation at the Leningrad site.

Doosan awarded second Chinese IAPS contract

Published: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 11:25:40 GMT

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has been contracted by China Techenergy Company to supply an Industrial Anti-seismic Protection System for units 7 and 8 of the Tianwan nuclear power plant in Jiangsu province. Earlier this year, CTEC - a subsidiary of China General Nuclear - awarded the South Korean company a contract for the IAPS systems for units 3 and 4 at the Xudabao plant in Liaoning province.

3D-printed components in service at TVA reactor

Published: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 13:25:58 GMT

Four first-of-a-kind 3D-printed fuel assembly channel fasteners have been installed and are now under routine operating conditions at unit 2 of the Tennessee Valley Authority's Browns Ferry nuclear power plant in Alabama. The components were produced at the US Department of Energy's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.