Golden ブランド激安セール会場 Color 14 MM 0.53 inch Hologram Serial with Number Round 91円 Golden Color 14 MM (0.53 inch) Round with Serial Number Hologram Office Products Office School Supplies Golden ブランド激安セール会場 Color 14 MM 0.53 inch Hologram Serial with Number Round,Number,Color,Hologram,/bootboy857497.html,Serial,(0.53,with,Golden,MM,14,Office Products , Office School Supplies,91円,Round,inch) 91円 Golden Color 14 MM (0.53 inch) Round with Serial Number Hologram Office Products Office School Supplies,Number,Color,Hologram,/bootboy857497.html,Serial,(0.53,with,Golden,MM,14,Office Products , Office School Supplies,91円,Round,inch)

Golden ブランド激安セール会場 Color 14 激安通販 MM 0.53 inch Hologram Serial with Number Round

Golden Color 14 MM (0.53 inch) Round with Serial Number Hologram


Golden Color 14 MM (0.53 inch) Round with Serial Number Hologram

Product description

Number of Items:2500

This Listing is for Golden color Holographic Round 14 mm (0.53 inch - Little smaller then Size of Dime ) one time use VOID pattern Security Seal Hologram Tamper Evident Warranty Labels Stickers with 6 digits of sequential serial numbering printed in black

✔️ On front of labels bigger Holographic “ WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED
while on Back ground in smaller words " GENUINE, ORIGINAL, SECURE, AUTHENTIC, SECURITY SEAL, VALID

✔️See listing images for more details
✔️The holographic rainbow color effects on label pops with movements amp; light. Each label measures 14 mm on 1 mil metalized polyester. You can choose from different quantity or colors of labels from listing.

✔️Hologram is activated with light and movement. The labels are tamper evident. If removed some or all of the metalized material with VOID word will remain on your product as shown in the image. Once removed it cannot be reapplied without evidence of tampering as shown in the pictures. 100 labels per sheet

✔️This particular label is Tamper Evident one time use, meaning that if an attempt is made at removing this label, a 'VOID' pattern will appear on the label and it will be unable to use again
✔️ Ideal for indoor amp; outdoor use within temperature range -25 F to 140 F. Works on almost all smooth surface. Works almost immediately
✔Basic details
Color of label = Golden
Size of label= Round 14 mm (0.53 inch)
Pattern = One time use- VOID
Number of labels/Sheet = 100
Serial number =YES
Serial Style = 6 Digits printed in Black ink
✔Any questions?
Send us message on AMAZON with ASIN number of product and we will answer you within 3 to 24 hours

Golden Color 14 MM (0.53 inch) Round with Serial Number Hologram

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