Pemberly Row Easy Assembly No-Tools Wide TV 42" Stand Entertainm 待望 81円 Pemberly Row Easy Assembly No-Tools Wide 42" TV Stand Entertainm Home Kitchen Furniture Stand,TV,42",/ayegreen1068575.html,,Row,Wide,Easy,No-Tools,Pemberly,Entertainm,Home Kitchen , Furniture,81円,Assembly Stand,TV,42",/ayegreen1068575.html,,Row,Wide,Easy,No-Tools,Pemberly,Entertainm,Home Kitchen , Furniture,81円,Assembly Pemberly Row Easy Assembly No-Tools Wide TV 42" Stand Entertainm 待望 81円 Pemberly Row Easy Assembly No-Tools Wide 42" TV Stand Entertainm Home Kitchen Furniture

Pemberly Row Easy Assembly 最安値挑戦 No-Tools Wide TV 42

Pemberly Row Easy Assembly No-Tools Wide 42" TV Stand Entertainm


Pemberly Row Easy Assembly No-Tools Wide 42" TV Stand Entertainm

Product description


Make the most of your space with the No-Tools Wide TV Stand from Pemberly Row. Its open concept design and contemporary style will fit perfectly in your living room or home study. This stand features four wide tiers that provide ample space for all your entertainment essentials. The shelves are made of particle board and melamine supported by stainless steel poles, giving this piece a lifetime of durability. Enjoy your favorite shows in no time with its quick and easy assembly, no tools needed. Complete your home look with coordinating pieces from the Collection by Pemberly Row, each sold separately.

Features :

Available in Multiple Finishes
Stainless Steel Poles That Will Not Rust
Easy five-step assembly requiring no tools
(L) 42 in. x (W) 15.75 in. x (H) 28 in.
Beautiful white wood finish.

Specifications :

Product Dimensions : (L) 42 in. x (W) 15.75 in. x (H) 28 in.
Product Weight : 37.

Pemberly Row Easy Assembly No-Tools Wide 42" TV Stand Entertainm


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