Collection,Furniture,Contemporary,/apheresis1026993.html,Uphol,Meridian,Skylar,|,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Modern,192円, 192円 Meridian Furniture Skylar Collection Modern | Contemporary Uphol Home Kitchen Furniture Collection,Furniture,Contemporary,/apheresis1026993.html,Uphol,Meridian,Skylar,|,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Modern,192円, 192円 Meridian Furniture Skylar Collection Modern | Contemporary Uphol Home Kitchen Furniture Meridian Furniture Skylar Collection Uphol Contemporary 直営店 Modern Meridian Furniture Skylar Collection Uphol Contemporary 直営店 Modern

Meridian Furniture Skylar Collection Uphol Contemporary 限定モデル 直営店 Modern

Meridian Furniture Skylar Collection Modern | Contemporary Uphol


Meridian Furniture Skylar Collection Modern | Contemporary Uphol

Product description

Color:Grey Velvet, Matte Black

Elegant and eye-catching, the stunning Grey Velvet Skylar Dining Chair from Meridian Furniture is the perfect addition to any space.

Meridian Furniture Skylar Collection Modern | Contemporary Uphol


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