OZCO 51710 Ironwood 8-inch Post to Pack 2 時間指定不可 per Connector Beam 219円 OZCO 51710 Ironwood 8-inch Post to Beam Connector, (2 per Pack) Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools OZCO 51710 Ironwood 8-inch Post to Pack 2 時間指定不可 per Connector Beam rockwell.ae,219円,to,Ironwood,Post,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,OZCO,8-inch,Beam,per,Pack),/antianopheline972623.html,Connector,,(2,51710 rockwell.ae,219円,to,Ironwood,Post,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,OZCO,8-inch,Beam,per,Pack),/antianopheline972623.html,Connector,,(2,51710 219円 OZCO 51710 Ironwood 8-inch Post to Beam Connector, (2 per Pack) Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

OZCO 爆売り 51710 Ironwood 8-inch Post to Pack 2 時間指定不可 per Connector Beam

OZCO 51710 Ironwood 8-inch Post to Beam Connector, (2 per Pack)


OZCO 51710 Ironwood 8-inch Post to Beam Connector, (2 per Pack)

Product description

Item Package Quantity:3

The 8-inch Ironwood Post to Beam Connectors is designed to add stability and style to any project imaginable using 6-inch or larger posts. OZCO manufactures all our patented OWT Post to Beam Post Ties Connectors with 3/16-inch heavy gauge galvanized steel finished and black powder coated offering the highest corrosion resistant products in the industry. The revolutionary OWT Post to Beam Post Ties Connectors offers a top cover plate that interlocks with the ledge and adjusts to the thickness of the beam and can be used on smooth or rough cut wood.

OZCO 51710 Ironwood 8-inch Post to Beam Connector, (2 per Pack)

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