,Plastic,Disposable,Settings,Collection,Plates,,Hammered,/Italicanist815905.html,28円,Royalty,Health Household , Household Supplies 28円 Royalty Settings Hammered Collection Plastic Plates, Disposable Health Household Household Supplies Royalty デポー Settings Hammered Collection Disposable Plastic Plates Royalty デポー Settings Hammered Collection Disposable Plastic Plates 28円 Royalty Settings Hammered Collection Plastic Plates, Disposable Health Household Household Supplies,Plastic,Disposable,Settings,Collection,Plates,,Hammered,/Italicanist815905.html,28円,Royalty,Health Household , Household Supplies

Royalty デポー Settings 交換無料 Hammered Collection Disposable Plastic Plates

Royalty Settings Hammered Collection Plastic Plates, Disposable


Royalty Settings Hammered Collection Plastic Plates, Disposable

Product description

Size:10.25 AND 7 inch

Royalty Settings Hammered Collection is the perfect elegant plastic cutlery collection for your next occasion. Made up of the highest quality thick plastic material, these disposable plastic plates and disposable plastic bowls have everything you need for your next dinner party or wedding. The Hammered Plastic Plates Collection is made up of amazing quality at an even more more amazing price. The modern and exquisite style of these plastic reusable plates will catch your guests attention! These plastic disposable plates look like the real deal without the pain of doing dishes! These plastic plates and plastic bowls has everything you need to be prepared for entertaining guests.
Each Package includes a set of 40 unique and elegant plates or bowls. Choose from a variety of choices betwenn 10.25 inch plastic plates, 9 inch plastic plates or 7 inch plastic plates AND your choice of 12 inch plastic disposable bowl or a 5 inch plastic disposable bowl. With style and quality you will be sure to be glad you went to Royalty Setting for your plastic cutlery. Never do dished again with these elegant, unique and sturdy plasticware.

Royalty Settings Hammered Collection Plastic Plates, Disposable

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