prunushome 本物◆ Rustic Curtain Panel Set Plank Wooden Door Timber for prunushome 本物◆ Rustic Curtain Panel Set Plank Wooden Door Timber for Timber,/Cristivomer816073.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Door,prunushome,Plank,,Wooden,Rustic,42円,for,Panel,Curtain,Set 42円 prunushome Rustic Curtain Panel Set Wooden Timber Door Plank for Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 42円 prunushome Rustic Curtain Panel Set Wooden Timber Door Plank for Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Timber,/Cristivomer816073.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Door,prunushome,Plank,,Wooden,Rustic,42円,for,Panel,Curtain,Set

prunushome 本物 Rustic Curtain Panel Set Plank Wooden Door Timber for !超美品再入荷品質至上!

prunushome Rustic Curtain Panel Set Wooden Timber Door Plank for


prunushome Rustic Curtain Panel Set Wooden Timber Door Plank for

Product description

Nothing will get in the way while you drift into sleep

☀ Block out sunlight amp; UV Rays

Our blackout curtains empoly an innovative sandwich technique which blocks 90% of sunlight and UV rays and 100% of street lights.

Effective at keeping out cold in winter and blocking out the heat in summer, thermal insulated properties make them ideal for all seasons.

Reduces Outside Noise

Lowers outside noise for a slightly noiseless environment.

◆ Provides Total Privacy

These privacy panels prevent unwanted views and viewers.

Protect your wooden floors and furniture from sun damages.

Thermal Energy Efficient/Saving Curtains

Our energy saving curtains will allow you to save on energy cost

△ TIPS: During winter, you can leave your insulated curtains open during the day so that sunlight warms your room and then close your curtains when the sun goes down to keep the warm air inside. When summer comes around, you can reverse the process to keep cool air inside.

▲ Details that Matter

Weaved from 100-percent durable Polyester fabric

Triple layer blackout fabric (unlined)

Chemical Free materials (perfect for everyone, anywhere)

High-End Finishes amp; Workmanship

Straight and neat plain seam stitching (no loose threads)

Quality control undertaken on all units to ensure even hems

Sewing threads (same color as fabric) from a seamless look

Each curtain has silver grommets (eyelets). The grommets holes are large enough for most rods in the market making it easy to move the curtain along the rod.

Interior diameter is about 1.6 inches

Exterior diameter is about 2.4 inches.

◇ Recommended Care Instructions

Machine Washable

Gentle cycle, do not bleach, do not tumble dry

Iron on low heat from the back of the curtain if needed.

prunushome Rustic Curtain Panel Set Wooden Timber Door Plank for

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